We demand more outstanding plant milk products. The kind that are appealing to try and fully enjoyable. We want to rebuild the dairy industry so that more and more people can truly enjoy plant-based dairy.

In 2016, with our lifestyle change, our relationship to food changed. Something good was left out but replaced with something which later developed to an idea and meaning for our work.


Besides being interested in sustainable values, we grasped on Finnish oats and learned about its versatile features. We kept wondering about the lack of domestic plant milk products, as we were grown in the dairy farm and used to consume dairy. The few products that were available seemed to come abroad, made from unfamiliar ingredients. Our minds itched with an idea of starting our own business to fill the needs.


The idea of producing our own “oat yoghurt” proceeded fast and our enthusiasm grew as each test recipe succeeded in the home kitchen. The project was casually named ”MÖ”, which also felt exciting enough one year later.
We started the company in the spring of 2017 and gathered a good number of friends and family to support us. It was obvious that our production would start in the dairy plant that has a history in our family. And starting it there felt right and meaningful.


As the year turned to next, our first products MÖ Kaurajogu® “oat yoghurts” were launched and the idea came true.

Marjaana & Annamari Jukkola

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