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MÖ Kaurameijeri lanseerasi uuden juotavan tuotteen – 

MÖ Kuulerin

Kuuleri® on artesaanilaatuinen kaurajuoma,joka sopii alkoholittomaksi viilentäjäksi alkavaan kesään. Kuulerista nähdään aluksi kaksi innostavaa makua, mustikka-minttu-lime sekä chai-inkivääri.


The pandemic emergency brought small changes to Mö Food's daily activities

Production is ongoing and products are being shipped to hungry customers as usual. Product quality and hygiene remain our top priorities with some extra precautions. Some work is done from home offices to avoid unnecessary visits to production facilities. Tastings at supermarkets are suspended for now.



Finnish MÖ launches a long-requested oat yogurt with less sugar

The new product contains 30% less sugar compared to other plant based yogurts and has no artificial sweeteners.


MÖ compensates its carbon emissions by planting trees in Finland

Finnish MÖ oat dairy compensates its carbon footprint by planting trees in Finland in collaboration with 4H Youth Work.


MÖ launches a quark-type oat snack

Finnish MÖ oat dairy launches a whole new product family as a response to the growing demand for vegan dairy products.


MÖ takes part in the largest vegan fair of the nordics

The vegan fair will be held on Sep28-29 at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki and MÖ is taking part as a sponsor and exhibitor.


New Kaurajogu package design

The Kaurajogu packages will be renewed from this August onwards, when the whole product family dresses up a new design. The 400g packages are being renewed to match already updated 150g single packages. 


A doctoral degree to the MÖ-team

Annamari Jukkola, one the founders in MÖ, defended as Doctor of Science in Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering at May 31st 2019.


MÖ launches wild strawberry Kaurajogu® and single packages

MÖ launches a new wild strawberry flavoured Kaurajogu® and convenient single packages in 150g size. One of the “oldies”, a loved and classic flavour, blueberry-cardamom, is also available in a new smaller size.



MÖ nominated as one of the most growth potential companies

Mö Foods earned a spot in KasvuOpen finals – the largest national sparring program for startup and start-again companies.


MÖ creates a future – 
an award 

MÖ got awarded by the local Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for a good performance in a funded project.


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